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Candlelight Farm is the perfect environment to achieve a lasting connection with nature and those around you


We specialize in working with your HR Staff and Team Building Professionals to exceed your management expectations

Great for company meetings, events and fun days


   * Employees will work harder and be more productive for a company that cares

   * We all need to feel the trust, empathy, and acknowledgement from management

Today it is more important than ever for your employees and management team to feel connected with those they work with.

With so many working remotely, at greater distances or have been isolated for

periods of time, it is essential to bring people together.


   - Company Team Building

   - Management Strategy Sessions

   - Ideation Sessions

   - Company Milestone Celebrations

   - Company Field Day

   - Summer Parties & Fall Foliage Walks

   - Family Fun Day

   - Shared Activities

   - Trust Walk (gentle walking paths)

   - Hiking Trails

   - Games

   - Fire pit Conversations, Story Telling, Music, and S'more's


We offer a variety of options for your company whether it’s a small gathering of 30 people up to a larger gathering of 500 or more

We have a space that will fill your needs. We have two different sites on the property, the Hangar and the Farm & Inn venue


Let us help you create an outing or event everyone will enjoy - custom packages available


Pricing and available dates upon request

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